Industrial & Logistics Services

About Us
The Trident Industrial & Logistics Services Business line originated in 2016 although the operators within the team have a full history across Brisbane industrial markets stretching back to 1994.

Leasing Transaction Services
The team at Trident Industrial have an industrial specific focus completing over 600 industrial leases within Brisbane and nearby local councils. Industrial brokerage services is part of our DNA.

We will lease your property like it’s our own, is the approach Trident takes into the industrial property market.. Find out what this service approach means when you next have a requirement for industrial services.

Warehouse & Logistics Sales Marketing
An agency approach founded on preparation and thoroughness. Trident Partner, Sam Higgins will guide you as to the best approach for your next sale. With 21 years industrial transactional history in South East Queensland we can optimise the sale of  your industrial investment.

Analysis & Advisory
We track leased & sold data of industrial property throughout South East Queensland. Feel free to contact us for a detailed report on transactions.

Insolvency Services
Trident Industrial & Logistics Services is a leading provider of marketing and property services throughout South East Queensland. All engagements are supported by our highly skilled team including agency professionals and industry experts.

Trident’s industrial insolvency services include;

  • Consultancy advice on asset positioning
  • Thorough investigative capabilities on optimal timing to market
  • A collection of industry experts with broad market experience in industrial markets
  • Deep knowledge of all marketing channels including digital
  • Experience with a variety of sale methods and strategies
  • A track record of performance with Insolvency Practitioners